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Bakkt Rebrand


Brand Identity, Photography Art Direction, Illustration Art Direction, Website Design, Icon Design, Print Collateral, Branded Swag, Brand Guidelines

Bakkt, a technology company living at the intersection of cryptocurrency, payments, loyalty, and rewards is transforming the way we engage with the digital economy. Previously, Bakkt existed as a consumer app, but their ambition grew to become a B2B partner to the businesses consumers engage with, like banks, retailers, and hospitality brands. This shift required a new brand to tell their story and speak to the needs of these businesses and their customers.

Bakkt brings utility to assets that are typically siloed or hard to use. Through Bakkt, partners can offer crypto to customers and let them make real purchases with it, instead of treating it solely as an investment. Partners can reward customers in points, cash, or crypto, or pay employees in these assets. This optionality creates delightful new experiences for partners and their audiences, helping them address changing needs, build relevance, and grow their business.

The Agenda team and I centered Bakkt’s new strategy and identity around the connected experiences Bakkt creates by unlocking assets, capturing the delight, expertise, and momentum they bring to partners.

Bakkt_BrandEndorsementLockup_0725-02 1.png
Frame 17.png
Artboard 25_2x.png
Artboard 27_2x.png
Bakkt-Website 2.png
Frame 5 1.png
Bakkt_LinkedIn-Ads-01 1.png
32017-three-business-cards-mockup 1.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 11.jpg
Artboard 4_2x.png
Artboard 1_2x (1).png

Award Winner - Transform Awards North America, 2023

Bronze - Best Visual Identity from the Financial Services Sector


Head of Creative – Dan Koh

Creative Director – Claudia Mark

Fellow Designers – David Marte, Jo Rooney

Motion and 3D Designer – Scott Brower

Digital Director – John Kester

Head of Strategy – Vincent Roffers

Associate Strategy Director – Callie Sowinski

Associate Strategist – Phoebe Chen

Head of Client Services – Emily Korn

Associate Director, Client Services – Katie DiBella

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