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2021 CineYouth Film Festival


Brand Identity, Brand Pattern, Motion Design, Poster Design, Social Media Templates

After forgoing the 2020 CineYouth Film Festival amidst Covid uncertainty, the members of The Chicago International Film Festival brought CineYouth back for the 2021 season as a fully virtual event. They needed a fresh, engaging new look for the festival that would accomplish three things: invite young filmmakers (21 years or younger) to participate and submit their short films, clearly communicate the fully virtual nature of the festival, and compliment the rebrand my Ogilvy teammates and I developed for CIFF in 2019.

The final concept was a visual pun that combined the "Next" in "Next Generation" with the double arrow symbol for "fast forward." The bright, youthful color palette and continued use of Helvetica Neue established CineYouth as a distinct, but complimentary sub-brand of CIFF.

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